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We're Rob and Courtney (and Ollie). Our first date–even our very first conversation–revolved around our mutual love of coffee. Since that day, our favorite thing to do together has always been to try any little coffee shop or cafe in our area to find our favorite brew. After years of trying everyone else's, we finally decided to start making our own. Thus, Lighthouse Coffee Roasters was born—with the goal of being a sustainable and contributing company that shines a hopeful light on life.

Why Lighthouse?

Our Christian background and residing locally in Rhode Island were just two of the many factors that led to our namesake. We have both always had a soft spot for being by the water, so to us, lighthouses represent being home. That no matter how far you go or what you've been through throughout your journey, a lighthouse will always lead you safely to shore. Having something to guide you, ground you, and keep you safe is what we've found in each other, in our families, and hope to provide through our business. 

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