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Love at First Sip

Updated: May 2, 2022

From the beginning, the love for coffee was the common denominator in our relationship. It only made sense as we began to think about our future, that coffee would be a large part of our journey.

How It Started

On our very first date (which took place at a popular Seattle-based coffee company we won't name), we talked until the place closed for the night. No, we didn't talk about coffee the whole time, but coffee shops began to be the foundation for our relationship. It became the place where we got to know each other, our likes and dislikes, our goals, our dreams. It's where our love for one another started to grow. As the years went by no matter where we went, even if it was in the town we lived in, we always tried to find a new coffee spot to check out and talk for hours. When covid hit and turned our world a little upside down, we shifted our goals to look towards a new career endeavor that would help provide for our future family. Thus, Lighthouse Coffee Roasters was born. With our love of coffee and our aim to be a sustainable company, the pieces quickly fit together and we were well on our way to starting our first business together.

How It's Going

We launched the business in November 2021. Since then, our online sales have been steadily growing. We quickly learned that coffee is an everchanging industry and there's A LOT to learn about it. But for us, the learning has been just an added bonus to the journey. We love finding out new facts or coming across new beans to try, what regions of the world work better at certain roast levels, etc. Currently, we are only selling online, but we ship anywhere and offer free local delivery to those who live within a 10-mile radius of our roasting space in Smithfield, RI.

How We Move Forward

From day one, sustainability has always been our goal. A large part of what makes that goal happen is using our 100% electric, zero-emission Bellwether Roaster. But we didn't stop there. Everything from the beans to the packaging, even to the boxes we ship in, we make sure we find the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. As we grow we look forward to continuing to provide a variety of beans from different sustainable farms all around the world. Hopefully, in the future, we'll be in our own brick-and-mortar shop to provide face-to-face service to all of our amazing customers!

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This is such a great story! I truly have been enjoying your coffees and want to thank you for a tremendous product! I look forward to seeing you again...Lisa M. Topp☕️

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