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Right from the Source

One of our goals as a company is to be as transparent as possible with our customers at every step of our process. When you order our coffee we want you to feel like a part of the family. 


We order our green coffee beans from specially picked farms that follow our quality, ethical, and sustainability standards. Those beans are then specially crafted to a specific roast profile that best accents the favorable qualities of that particular coffee bean. With the help of our 100% electric, Bellwether Roaster, those profiles are saved and perfectly recreated for each roast.


To ensure the freshest coffee for each order, we roast in small batches, which also allows us to customize and create unique flavors at any time.


While the beans can be packaged straight after roasting, we find that giving them 2-3 days to degas helps to remove any of the bitter aftertaste and negative effects of CO2 in the coffee bean. After the short waiting period, the beans are then hand-packed and delivered straight to you. 


Once you have our coffee in hand, due to the nature of our sustainably packed cans, the beans stay at peak freshness for longer than a traditional zip-sealed pouch. We find our coffee beans stay at peak freshness for 10-14 days, but will still maintain a high-quality flavor for up to 30 days. 

Our Brewing Ratios

We've tried and tested each of our ratios for a variety of brewing methods to give you great-tasting coffee every time.

Drip Coffee: 1:15
French Press: 1:16 
Pour Over: 1:16

Cold Brew: 1:4 for a strong concentrate, 1:8 for a smoother concentrate, and dilute concentrate at a 1:1 ratio for drinking. Brew at 1:12 for immediate cold brew drinking. 

Of course, coffee isn't one-size-fits-all, so feel free to adjust the ratios to get it just the way you like it.

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