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Sustainability At Every Step

We believe that if you take from the Earth, it's your responsibility to give it something back. That's why when we started this business, sustainability was always a part of the plan.


For us, sustainability is more than just caring about our planet (although that's important enough on its own), it's about supporting others who care for it as much as we do and creating a product that lasts throughout the years for generations to enjoy. 


With help from Bellwether, we're able to get our green coffee from farms that pay their workers fairly, providing the families with means to education, food, housing, healthcare, and more, those who address environmental issues and are committed to empowering people of all genders. 

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The world around us is turning electric and by using a Bellwether Coffee roaster we can join the movement. The Bellwether Roaster was designed to be the most sustainable coffee roaster in the world both in air quality and energy use. It is an all-electric, zero emissions coffee roaster that reduces the carbon footprint of each roasting cycle. 


We could have used coffee bags like everyone else, but those bags aren't as friendly to the environment as you think. That's why we chose to go with cans that are easily recyclable or can even be reused around the house. But we didn't stop there. The labels, boxes, any packaging your coffee comes in, it's all eco-friendly.

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