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Whether you're a cafe, bakery, restaurant, retail store, or office, we're always looking to make new connections within our community and would love to work with you! We aren't just selling you coffee, we focus on building a strong relationship that benefits both parties.

Working with Lighthouse Coffee

Our goal isn't just to serve great coffee to our customers. We want to provide a great coffee experience to as many people as possible. That goal can only be achieved through our work with our wholesale partners. We purchase our green coffee from specialty farms around the world. From Colombia and Honduras to Indonesia and Ethiopia, we aim to work with farms that are organic, fair trade, and ones that also provide their workers with a verified livable wage, and utilize sustainable farming practices. 

Private Label Coffee

When you work with us, we're able to give you delicious, privately labeled coffee that's roasted to order and packaged with your logo or custom design. Send us your desired design or, not sure what you want it to look like? We can help create it for you.

Select from our standard coffee menu, which includes a wide variety of single-origin, blend, or flavored beans. Or if you're looking for something unique, we can develop a custom blend or flavor according to your desired profile. Your coffee will be roasted just for you to ensure it’s as fresh as possible.

We can do two different packaging options depending on your customers' needs:

  • Ground coffee packaged in 2.5oz fractional packs. These are convenient portion packs that work best in restaurants, hotels, and offices. They're perfect for standard coffee pots, airpots, and commercial coffee brewing machines.

  • Whole bean coffee is packaged in 5 lb bags. This is a more popular choice among high-volume diners and cafés because it allows the coffee to be ground just before brewing for optimal flavor.

We'll bring samples to you so you can be sure you're selecting the best coffee for your clientele. Feel free to pick from any of our current offerings, or we can work side-by-side with you to create your very own blend that specifically unique only to your customers!


When you order with us, we guarantee fast and free local delivery. We roast our coffee to order and in small batches so orders received Monday-Friday by 10 am can be delivered the next day. Not in Rhode Island? No problem. We can deliver to parts of MA and CT too!


Know that you're making a difference. By working with us, you're taking part in the movement to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Plus, you're supporting farms that aim to give back to both their workers and their environment.


What you get with us

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