For thousands of years, lighthouses have offered a symbol of strength, hope, and a safe haven, leading sailors home. With a cup of coffee from Lighthouse Coffee Roasters, we hope to provide you a sense of home wherever you are and give you the strength to get through your day, no matter what storms life throws at you.

You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.

—Job 22:28

The cafe features our in-house roasted coffee (with the availability to choose your bean with every cup). Plus, enjoy fresh homemade pastries, smoothies and juices made with real fruit, a New York bagel or a lunch sandwich with all fresh ingredients. 

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Coffee is not one size fits all. We have thoughtfully put together a list of the best coffee choices that are bursting with fruity, nutty, and citrus flavors from some sustainable farms around the world.

We care about more than making a great cup of coffee. From the roaster to the packing your coffee comes in, every part of our process is sustainable for both you and the environment.


This month's giving is going to CALI (Cranston Police Department, Aubin Center, Leadership in Innovation). Rhode Island’s first Canine Comfort Therapy Program. CALI is an Australian labradoodle who helps foster an open and trusting dialogue with children suspected of being victims of maltreatment including sexual and physical abuse with investigators and treating physicians. 

Whether you're a shop, bakery, restaurant, or even just an office, we're always looking to make new connections within our community and would love to work with you. Connect with us today to get started!

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